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A fast turnaround service on your PCB requirements...guaranteed!

Spirit Circuits has always been dedicated to meeting the demands of our customers and in the PCB industry there is a need for speed.

Guaranteed 48-hours

72-hour turnaround
at lower rates

Your money back &
£1000 compensation

Our fast delivery PCB service Ask Dave guarantees that you get your PCB order with 48-hours or you get your money back – and £1000 of ours as compensation.

The success of this service has seen us extend Ask Dave to a 72-hour turnaround a lower rates, but with the same guarantees.

In the six years we have been offering this service, we have only missed our deadline three times. Axiom Manufacturing Services was the second customer not to receive an order within 48-hours when using the Ask Dave service in 2008. The order was delivered the following day, but Axiom was presented with a £1,000 cheque and received the job for free!

Ask Dave criterion

Order and clean Gerber data to be received at Spirit Circuits by 9am for commencement as day one, (48-hour service) and 10am for commencement as day one, (3 day service).

We will respond by 10am, (48-hour service) and 11am, (72-hour service) to confirm that your order meets order criteria.

You product will be despatched on pre-9am courier service, and your tracking number will be emailed to you. Spirit Circuits will not be held responsible for the courier service performance.

So, don’t delay – get your quick turn around PCB order in today by calling us on 02392 243000 or emailing us at